DJ Shimomura

This is a PEACE Scratching Course by DJ Shimomura, one of the most skilled DJs in Hiroshima, for all of those who wanna scratch!

Hold the beginning of the sound on a record.

1.basic form

The sound of scratching is created by cutting the sound of a record by using a fader. (Some of the DJs recently don't use a fader, though.)
Here is the basic scratching form. Let's practice!


While moving the record forward...
Flip the fader quickly so you can create a scratching sound!

While moving the record once,

2.trance form

Next, you apply the same movement to vary the sound. While moving the record once, flip the fader twice so you can make more sound and rhythm.


Flip the fader twice.

OK, let's change the way to flip the fader. Hold it with your thumb, then use your index, middle and the third fingers to flip the fader smoothly. Move your fingers very quickly to make a cool cutting sound!

Watch the moving of your fingers. Move your fingers quickly and smoothly.

While moving the record forward, hold it at one point,


The last one uses two different parts on the record to make the difference in sound. Move and hold the record twice, at two points.

Flip the fader once.

Then move the record forward again from the point and hold it at another point,

Flip the fader once again to cut the sound.