On the 6th of August in Hiroshima.

The party called "Summer of Love" is held near the Peace Park every year, and it will be on the 6th of this year. It starts before the sunset. It's a free party so people bring drinks and musical instruments with them, just showing up at the place. No entrance and no cashiers. "Hey, what's up? How are you doin'?" Somebody finds somebody, and greets them all in the same way.

There is only simple lighting, speakers and a system set up. The sound is always experimental there. There sometimes are guys with skateboards going around the park. The light from the baseball stadium makes beautiful figures on the stone pavement. The didgeridoo sounds deeply.

The wind from the river stirs the leaves, and cools down the heat. DJs change late at night and people always react to the music, come closer to the turn tables and start to dance. Strangers passing by stop for a while- tourists or neighbors maybe - and look at us and the sound surrounds us from a distance. Why don't you join us? The party is open at least until the police come and break up the party!

8.6 is coming soon. I don't know if they're gonna make flyers this year, but if you can recognize the sound they play, it's easy to get there.

SUMMER of LOVE 8.6 2004 from sunset