It's been almost one year since this free magazine PEACE was born. I named the magazine from my personal idea, and I've asked many people, "What is PEACE for you?"

It's a common and simple word. And for us who have lived in Hiroshima for many years, it's a kind of fixed phrase used as a part of names for some things or slogands such as Peace Park, peace walk, Peace Memorial Day, and "Love & Peace" which is often heard at outdoor parties.

So it seems that "PEACE" is everybody's wish, but it's not the common feeling of everybody in the world, regrettably. It's a sad reality that while we're at a party with the beautiful smiles of friends, listening and dancing to music among the grand nature, at the same moment people are killing each other and somebody is deep in sorrow from losing their family on the other side of the earth.

Sometimes I imagine if it was my lover, my brother, or friends that were killed in a war or by terrorists, what would I do? If it happened to me, I might lose control in unrestrainable anger and sadness, hatred would make me mad. The word "PEACE" would disappear in a moment and I might take a weapon to kill my enemies. When you see some video or photographs from a battlefield, perhaps it's not difficult to imagine how terrible a world they could be in, and their sadness or anger. But still, I believe that we should stop killing each other, and we should grope for other waya instead. And it's not only about feelings of individuals, but also about bigger groups or nations. I hope we can find a way to coexist and never kill each other. If not, it seems hopeless. We human beings will keep up the massacre... until when?

The movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" is coming to Japan soon (in August). The logic for killing may seem rationale to a small section of people in the world, but to me it just seems to be somebody's ego. Some reviews of the movie I read gave me that kind of idea. Nobody actually care about feeling of the people who kill or are killed in war, everybody seems to only discuss government or economic policy. It's now all the more important to think about the basis of the problem, and the solutions I think. Even if it's national policy, bombing other countries or crashing into a building with an airplane is not the right way to take, absolutely not.

This time, we're gonna show some artworks and words from local artists who have been big supportors of "PEACE" since the beginning. I hope you will discover the true meaning of "PEACE" here.

Thanks and respect to every artist who gave us their beautiful work for this issue.


2004 summer


Title: Eyes to the Sky
(Sky/Windows at Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico)
When I'm troubled, just thinking of the skies of New Mexico makes me feel better. This picture is a reminder to me that we are all reflections of our own perceptions. Find peace to create more peace. (Flo)

(bar koba )

He seemed have a hard time thinking about what to draw for this issue. Well, it's me! (nao)

She is now in China and working as a Jewely artist. I can see her PEACE mind in this picture.(nao)
(International Love Cafe promoter)

People gathering to oppose the invasion of Iraq and promote PEACE. The A-bomb Dome is the perfect reminder that hatred and destruetion need not be permanent and even the most heinous act can turn to beauty with a little effort and love.
(bar koba)

It's an image of us having a peace party. Looks like fun, doesn't it!? (Bom)

These faces makes me feel PEACE, and hope for PEACE. (Keiko)

I like his unique sense. (nao)

This is a boy I met in Vietnam. This beautiful smile....PEACE! (HIDE)
(WEB DESIGNER/Motoki Design)

I made PEACE T-shirt. You can see "PEACE" written in Japanese on it. (Motoki)

Peace: Under Construction
I took this photo in November 2001. At that time, the Sadako Statue was under renovation and visitors had to place their cranes in front of the construction site. At this time in the world, people were still in shock over the World Trade Towers and the United States was about to engage in war in Afghanistan. I found the way the word, PEACE, was broken in two truly indicative of all that was happening. Three years and two wars later, the Sadako construction has been completed, but we are still working on reconstructing peace. Yet, like Sadako, I remain hopeful.
(PEACE designer/illustrator)

The wormth of mother is fandamental peace which is inside of everybody.
(PEACE editor/photographer)

I bike through the Peace Park everyday. It's a really beautiful park in the morning, daytime, at night, in the summer or the winter.


It's inevitable I guess that the word "peace" crops up in Hiroshima so often, but I often wonder if it hasn't become just another buzzword, so often used that it has become almost meaningless. It is often said that peace has to first come from within the individual before it can flourish between individuals, and then groups and eventually perhaps between nations and states. I don't want to belittle the importance of this sense of personal peace, but it's important to remember that it is only starting point for the promotion of peace in a wider sense.

As the weather heats up many of our thoughts turn to the parties and festivals we'll be enjoying over the next couple of months. The spirit of peace is strong at these events, and there is often a sense that we are not only dancing with peace in our hearts, but dancing for peace. I imagine that most of the people reading this magazine are, like me, privileged to be

living in a peace as the result of nothing more than an accident of birth. I feel that the only people who are in a position to appreciate the true value of peace are those who live in the absence of it, and if we are to prevent peace from becoming an empty slogan it is the needs of these people we need to address. When I ask myself, "What have I done lately to help bring peace closer to someone suffering from its absence?" I feel ashamed. If you do too, perhaps it's time to turn that shame into action.



What does the word "PEACE" mean me?

As someone who has lived in this town, Hiroshima, what first comes to mind is the idea of Atomic bomb, war, and "NO MORE HIROSHIMAS". I know these are important and unforgettable, but they are only bad images.

I think the word "PEACE" is more beautiful.

The word (hei) in (heiwa=PEACE) is the same word in (byo-do=equal). Nobody goes ahead alone and when somebody is left behind, everybody gives a helping hand. The word 和(wa) means harmony, and you never realize it when you are alone. Between individuals or when we are with somebody, we can be in harmony and balanced.

The other day I recieved an invitation from my friends, "let's do some music together!", so we did. We had a music jam session together. When I got there, some of my friends were waiting for me to come with their musical instruments. One started to play, and the others followed it. Nobody stated any kind of rules. We just created sound together. I added my sound into the others.

Everybody just had fun matching their rhythm.

from Kaisaku