DOVE Pro-Wrestling

O.K. Let me talk about one event that's off the hook.

If you've never gone to Dove Pro-Wrestling's parties, it would be good for you to read this article. Because I'm now writing this article late at night just to let you know what's interesting around this town, (that is the theme of PEACE magazine) and this one is definitely one of the most interesting things happening now in Hiroshima.

Perhaps some of you might think that I'm just crazy about wrestling. Or some might not be interested in this article because of their silly costumes that you see in some pictures here. I'm not a westling-watcher usually. I know a little about thier tricks, but I'm not trying to learn about them. Honestly, I'm not intersted in wrestling at all. BUT, everytime I find their flyer around town, I find myself immediately deciding to buy a ticket for the party, even if I have to work late that night and have a meeting early in the next morning.

As I get older, I don't usually kick it frantically like this. But they just always make me wanna go to the party and feel their heat. So I can recommend this event to those of you who've never kicked it like that. To those who've never been interested in wrestling shows. I'll be going to their event even when I get really old- like 70!- with my flyest gear.

The party doesn't have any dress code of course, (you don't have to dress up to watch wrestling!) but I feel like I should put on something good because they are soooo sexy!! During the fight they seem to be foolishly serious with their tight pants and funny masks, all in a sweat in the ring they built by themselves in a club, with the DJs beats. Everything just fascinates me and I can't stop gazing at them. I would say they are silly, but that's why they're excessively sexy.

Here is an introduction of each of the wrestlers and the schedule of fights that night, for all of those who have never gone to the wrestling events, to be able to enjoy it and get crazy for this one-night-show. I'm also introducing DJs here which are another principal part of the event. Remember, the next one will be on the 3rd of May.

A Tiger of the Orient Tigre Oriental

H:176cm W:81kg
debut:1993.8.8 (Los Angels)
He's been to the U.S. in early 90's, and has been known as "A Yellow Devil" among the wrestling fans in America and Mexico. After he came back to Japan, he was a member of the IWA Japan Pro-Wrestling Team for a while. This is his first fight on the Dove-Wrestling mach.
" I wish to die here in Hiroshima as a westler. I'll show you what I've done in the U.S. and Mexico. I'm for real!"

The Finest Pop Music NIDO JIRO

H:161cm W:60kg
debut:2000.4.2 (Mexico City, vs Ulakannegro)
He is known as the "Small Giant of Dove Pro-Wrestling". His tricks in the air are goreous, it will dazzle your eyes. He's easy going and has a cute charactor, so everybody is enchanted by him.
" I just wanna be No.1. And I know the audience want me to be the best. So I'll win this tournament. I will!"
Sexy Hurricane YASU

H:166cm W:72kg
origin:Yanai Yamaguchi
debut:Oct. 2002 ( @Tora-no- Ana Hiroshima, vs Miyanmo&NIDO JIRO)
He has a perfect body. He's just like a hurricane on the ring.
" If you're gonna take your chick here, you should blindfold her. My muscles may kill your baby."
Black Jesus Goshi(54)

H:173cm W:75kg
debut:May.2001 ( @border, vs NIDO JIRO)
His wrestling style is so hardcore; he jumped from the second floor of a house to crush his rival at the MATSURIX party last year and broke his ankle. He always excites the audience.
" I'll fuck up your mouth, small fry! I'll send you to hell tonight."
Iron Monkey Iron Monkye

H:167cm W:63kg
This tournament will be his debut fight. A masked man from around the mountain. Nobody knows about him. We'll see. Is this his chance?
" Here am I!"

Made in Thailand Nagatou Terula

(International Love Cafe Favorite)
H:175cm W:65kg
debut:Aut. 2003 (@MATSURIX Hiroshima, vs NIDO JIRO)
He has beautiful tight body. Nobody can imagine he's so skilled because of his sweet charactor. He is one of the most anticipated wrestler in DOVE team.
" I just set my sights to be a winner. I wanna pay my debt to JIRO who I took last summer!"