Sleepy Eye,
the most famous DJ-group in Hiro@shima, organize a party called "SUMMER of LOVE" on Augast 6th every year.

Regrettably, I couldn't go to the party this year because I was on vacation in the U.S. So, I asked many of my friends to take pictures there, and eventually received many exellent photographs from the party.

Here are some of the photos, and an interview with three of the Sleepy Eye members,Hide, Susumo, and Daiji(Naoki is now living in Tokyo)and also their coming party plans.
I recommend to everyone of those people who need to soak themselves in "Phat Sounds" to xo to their party!

Q: When did you start@Sleepy Eye Productions?

Hide: It was a toasty day...?!

Daiji: The first time we played together was at a live house called "Metropolice Holl near Hiroshima St., in 1997 or 1998.

Susumo: We naturally fell into playing together in 1997 or 1998.

Q: How did you meet each other?

H: We met with a smile, out oneday.

D: Susumo and I are friends from high school. We're just "Dachi"(meaning friend). We were also kickin' it with Naoki (He's also a member of Sleepy Eye and now in Tokyo). I met Hide after I came back from NYC in 1996. He's also my "Dachi"!

S: Naoki and I used to play in a Hard-Core rock band together. I also used to skateboard, and that's when I met Daiji. The first time I met Hide was at a cafe in London, when I was chillin' there. After I came back to Japan, we all met up together again.

Q: Could you tell us about some parties that you recommend?

H: ....

D: Summer of Love (Hanover park). Bass Instinct (Hiroshima). University of DUB (London ck)

S: A barbeque party we used to have at Daiji's old house. (It was funky!). University of DUB. (Everything was so PHAT!). Nido Jiro's wedding party at Ujina, on march 30th 2003. (Excellent!!). Bass Instinct. it has a pre-party and after party, so you can dance all weekend long. The sound is always "Buri-Buri" (meaning phat), and soooo cool!! (Location varies within Hiroshima). And Summer of Love! No doubt!!

Q: How about music? What do you recommend?

D: STIR IT UP/Bob Marley

S: All of Pillinja's tracks, because their basssound is "Buri-Buri". Pitch Dem Up/Clip, because it's kind of mysterious. Open Up/DIGITAL & NJC, because it's so sexy.

Q: What's your favorite food, flower, and place?

H: Gingko nuts, all yellow flowers, rocky beachs.

D: Sushi and Okonomiyaki, (no answer for flower),Senda park and the beach!

S: Prawns, because they make "Buri-Buri" sounds When I bite them. I don't know the name of the flower, but it's a small flower and makes "Buri-Buri" sounds when I shake it. Place.... London!!! Because I can hear "Buri-Buri" sounds all around the city!! ("Buri-Buri" is a Japanese expression which describes the sound of vibration.)

Q: So, what kind of girls do you like?

H: Chiki-Chiki-Boom!

D: I like a girl who's easy going.

S: Girls who shake their ass to the tune with "Buri-Buri" bass sounds.

Q: What's one thing you'd like right now?

H: Stomach muscles!

D: Our basement.

S: A hard-core female rapper!

Q: If you won 100,000,000yen in a lottery, what would you do?

H: .....

D: I would go on trips, trips and more trips.

S: I think I'd pay the 200,000yen for Daiji's drinking and driving ticket. I'd also pay his bills at Kaiko's!

Q: Say anything!

D: Peace!

H: If you wear that expression on your face, your face will stay like that!

Message from Zoe
I had a chance to see Zoe just one week before this magazine out.She was on vacation in Japan and enjoying chilln' with Sleepy Eye crew.She gaave me a message for this article. Here it is.
hI arrived in Mukaihara from London and it was so defferent, I couldn't belive it; just rice fields and mountains and a strange language.Then,because of some kind of angel, I met Sleepy Eye. Then we made music together, and that saved my life! I love it."

Sleepy Eye
has 4people- Hide, Susumo, Daiji, Naoki.
They hold many parties as DJs, and also perforom live shows.
Zoe, a female flute player from London joined them in 2001, and they've had many live shows together for one year in Japan. They also had live shows in London while they were traveling there. After they came back to Japan,
they've been fascinating the audience in thier parties. They organize a party called Bass Instinct in November. You can get the information at@Kaiko's or Warez in Nakaku, Hiroshima.