How can I explain about them and their party? Those who has visited their party once already knew they're not normal wrestlar. The party has not only their fight but also DJs' playing during every fights and sometimes dance paformance or Janbe parcasioners playing. Have you ever seen such a crazy wrestling party?

P: Because of we've been good friends for long, I think it's not easy to ask you guys about what's deep inside of yourselves. But please feel free to say anything you want. So for first, what made you strat doing wrestling?

Jiro: The first thing that got me interested in wrestling was wretling video games, because I could fight actually. After playing the video games, I started watching wrestling on TV. So what I really like is Kamen Rider!

Goshi: When I was around 6years old, before I startedelementary school, I watched the Tiger Mask cartoon and so that was my first strong impression of wrestling.Then when I was in my 3rd year of junior high school, when a friend of mine told me that Zen-Nihon, a famous wrestling team, was really 'Yabai'(bad like good bad), so I got wrestling again seriouslly. I was really into lots of crazy things, like heavy metal and the weird-looking wrestlars.

P: When was the first Dove-Prowresling party? How was that?

J: About 2 years ago, it was in fall of 2000, at Border Cafe.

P: With DJs?

J: At that time we just have a few djembe players drumming while we wrestled, with no DJ.

P: How did the first party that combined music with wrestling start?

G: It was Koki's idea.(Koki is one of their crew) Now we can't fight without music!

P: Why is music such an important part of your parties? Tell me a little bit about what music means to you.

G: While I'm wrestling, I feel the rhythm and hear the music within me first, but through the DJs this musi inside me is communicated to the audience. And having the DJs helps people who wouldn't otherwise be intersted in wretling to enjoy our events.

J: I agree with everything G has said, but personally when I'm fighting, all I'm thinking about is wrestlig itself.

P: Besides music, what is wrestling itself for you?

J: Kamen Rider!!

G: I like things that are extreme, strange, or dangerous. Wrestling is a way for me to be Extreme, strange,and dangerous. While I'm wrestling, I can be the bad guy that I really am. If I acted like I do whern I'm wrestling in real life, sombody would kill me!

J: The charactor of us while we're wrestling is something we have inside ourselves, but never come out useally.

P: While you're fighting, do you feel anything from the audience?

J: Sometimes, the audience is so excited, I'll do something, like take a minute to drind some water, so calm the audence down. With Dove, I always play the role of the hero,so the audience is always cheering me on so much, that sometimes I think I meed to do something that they won't expected.

P: Are you satisfied with where you are now?

J&G: No! We never be satisfied. It's really hard to find places to hold our events. We're all busy and it's hard to get together to practice. The biggest obstacle thouth, is find places to hold our events.

P: What are your plans for the future?

J&G: We'll be number one in Japan! One day, eneryone will be wearing wrestling masks!

P: Thand you very much.

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