There always are something overwhelming in any type of things. Photography, painting, or parformance, we sometimes meet the one that just catch our eyes and come to heart directly. Akihiko Nomura's live paformance is diffenetely one of such a overwhelming art for me. But I don't think he just has skills. As you see in the interview, his music come to us as like words, sometimes it's like emotion itself.

He produced instrumental music for "SUGARLESS", a grand prix movie of Movie Exhibition of Hiroshima in 2002, also he was a sound producer of TAMA CINEMA FORUM's grand prise one.
He has been featuering with different type of artists, and never categolized himself. I can't take off my eyes from his activities.(more info:http://www.akicool.com)

1.When did you first meet "music"?
I don't remember. That was when I first hear samething...?

2.When did you start playing piano?
when I was 4. My parents leted me to learn it as other's did.

3.You create sound that does not just stick to categoly of "Jazz" music, and I can see it in your live shows. From what you always get your inspiration to make usic?
I just try to show my emotion - like my happiness, sadness, or lonlyness, normal feelings in the life, they go through myself and become sound.That's it. Everyone have conversations everyday, right? As you do talk, I talk to others, myself, and to music itself by using sound.

4.What kind of artists influenced you most?
If it's musican, I've got influenced by Chopin, or Steve Reich. Also from Cy Twombly, a painter.

5.I've heard that you've stayed in England for long time. Do you feel any difference between Japan and other countries?
The weather. I think the weather can change people's mind.

6.Let me know your favorite place to visit, favorite flower and food.
I love to visit one of my friend's house. I can really relax. We always play footballgame.
I like sun flower and yellow turlip. Sometimes I glow them from seeds. I don't like seefood, I like beef and vegetables.

7.Tell me something or someone that have been getting your attention recently.
A golf player, named David Duval. I can't sleep well reacently because he's been in a bad condition.

8.What is your dream?
When I get old, I want to live some countryside in Europe, play golf in daytime, have live shows at night. That's my dream.

9.So waht the word "PEACE" mean to you? What is PEACE for you.
In Japanese, it's usually mean "HEIWA"(means no trouble, no fight, no war), but for me it means calmness or presence of mind.

10.This is the last question. What is your favorite type of girl?
A lovely, lomantic and "Furi-Furi"(Here is again! It means... really sweety, girly, or very lomantic/by the editor) girl.
Thank you very much.

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