The Audio Active, a Japanese DUB music group, had a live show at club Quattro on 3rd of November. There are many crazy fun of them in Hiroshima. The last time they had a live show at China Town, they made kids in this town crazy about their sound. It was a so cool show.
So we were really excited when we listened their rehearsal in the lounge of Quattro.
We had an interview with them after the rehearsal. They didn't talk a lot, but they answered to each question politely. Here are the interview, and some photos from the live.

Peace: So, this is the second time for you to come to Hiroshima, right? Please tell us your impression of this town.

Masa: I love the food here! And the last time we had a live show here, I felt hot viberations from the audience, so I'm really excited about tonight.

Nanao: I just remenber "ei chan" (a Japanese famouse singer who is from Hiroshima).

2DD: I think Hiroshima is really active town.
kasai: Yes, I think so. I saw many people who have strong power.

P: But I've heard of many complaints from the artists who did live shows in Hiroshima. They said the audience was so calm......

M: That's the artists' fault! Well, but I'm not sure we can make the audience hot tonight.....
( laugh.)

2: We tend to calm the audience down sometime! (laugh)

P: I think you've been around to so many places in this tour. Where is your favorite town?

M: That's a difficult question....

E: I love everywhere we went this time. I just have so many good memories in each town, so I can't deside which one is the best.

P: OK, so give us some places that you like to visit.

M: Oh, I can't compare one to the other!

2: I love Hiroshima.

M: Me too! 'Cause the last time was great...

2: And I like Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya.....

M: You mean everywhere! Yes, that ends up being the answer.

N: Yeah, every place has a different atomosphere, and good vibes.

P: Let me ask a little bit about your new album. I think the title, "Back to the Stoned Age" is unique. What does it mean?

M: It came from the words "back to the stone age" which was used by American soldiers during the Afghan war. It means "send all the Afghan people back to the Stone Age": attack them excessively. And I just added a letter "d", and it totally changed the meaning. "Back to the Stoned Age" means PEACE, and it's motto that guides us.

P: I see. That's a really intersting story. So please tell us about the music. Is there any special song that you recommend the most?

M: The recording for this album itself was one process, so the whole album is one big project for us. Actually we didn't record each song in order, instead we decided nothing and just took some ideas that came to us during the recording. Which means we were making all the songs at once, and tried to make all of them to our taste.

P: When did you meet "DUB" music?

M: When I was an teenager. It was a long time ago!

2: Me, too. " High-Teen DUB"! ( there is a famous old Japanese song called "High-Teen Boogie" which was in when they were teenagers.)

P: Who did you get influenced most by?

N: King dubby....

M: Yeah, and Lee Perry.... Adorian.... Scientist.

2: We kiked out the first record from the Adorian's lavel, so we were definitely influenced by him.

M: There are so many artists!

P: You did many live shows in many different countries, and I want to ask you if you can see any differences between the countries, such as the atmosphere of the audience or the people.

M: Differences? Well I think it is natural that there are many differences between the countries. Each place has its unique history, and different people live there, they've built up different cultures. If you could only see the same chain stores anywhere, it would be really boring. So I like a place with unique atmosphere.

P: This is the last question. Tell us about your dream!

M: Well..... dream...., I have many dreams. I've been always thinking about how to sell many CDs without being famous.

N: I've been thinking the opposite. I wanna be famous! I don't care how many CDs we can sell.

M: Are you sure? I didn't know that you wanna be famous.

2: Well, I'm the type of person who don't have dreams....

N: I hope to be BIG!

2: That's a small dream!! (laughing )

P: Thank you very much.